Secratary Of State - They Put a Bad(fake) review on my drivers license!!

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In 2008 I was just beginning to drive a semi for a major carrier,I was called off the road in TX to safety Dept.They told me My MVR Had a medical condition on it and i couldnt work for them.

I came home to michigan and opened a letter from the SOS,MI They wanted me to prove i never had SEIZURES!!! R u kidding me? I complyed and retested everything was ok... I thought,NO,Instead of taking seizure activity off my license they posted "acceptible medical condition" Thanks to the state of MI I cannot Drive a truck like i was trained and love to do !!!

I have been fighting this for 2 years, They will not take it off my license!!! But since ive waited i got hazmat clearance and an enhanced license...

does that make any sense?uuurrrrggggghhhhh

Review about: My Drivers License.

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